The Art of Seeing

People always ask me how I get such great reflection shots so I will let you into a little secret! It’s got something to do with opening your eyes and seeing what is right in front of you!

But let me tell you a story first

I’m was in the market for a new car and I saw a Honda on the road the other day that I had never noticed before and now I am seeing them EVERYWHERE!

I remember when my sister was pregnant, suddenly I was seeing pregnant people EVERYWHERE

Or when I got engaged and suddenly all I could see was engagement rings EVERYWHERE. (That relationship didn’t work out by the way, just in case you were wondering why I’m not wearing a ring now!)

When the brain is aware of something we notice them. It’s not like those things weren’t happening around me all of the time – I just never took note of them and so I didn’t see them!

In order to be a good photographer you really need to NOTICE things and this happens by being aware of them, being present, mindful and opening your eyes to the world around you! Even when you don’t have the camera on you, you should be watching the light and the way it behaves, seeing compositions or studying people to watch for emotion and moments. When your brain is aware of things you will improve your eye and therefore be able to react quicker when you have your camera in hand. This is called the art of seeing and it is something you should be working on all the time if you want to be a better photographer!

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