I haven’t had a bridezilla in eight years

I haven’t had a bridezilla in eight years, actually no I have had one but she wasn’t really my typical client!

Considering the fact that I have literally shot hundreds of weddings, this is a pretty amazing feat as when I go into certain photography forums I am often shocked at the amount of photographers having a huge moan about their clients online.

My Mom always taught me to never write anything down that could incriminate you or hurt someone’s feelings as once it’s down on paper or in cyber space you don’t really control over where it could land up.

I’ll be the first to put my hand up and say I’ve slipped up here and there but I don’t have the need to complain about my clients because they are awesome!

How did I do that?

Step One

I’m unapologetically myself in my work and what I put out online. When people resonate with my work, they have already seen into a bit of my soul. If they connect with my photos, they are responding to the way that I see the world.

My clients are not choosing me because I am the cheap photographer. They choose me because they like my vision and the way that I express myself.

This means that there is a respect.

I have found that the more I charge the less hassle people give me. My clients trust me to deliver. A trustworthy reputation is earned over time.

So my advice is to only put up work that is YOU. Don’t put up work that you think people will like, or work that everyone else is making. Put out the work that you want to attract and make sure that you know what you are all about and who you want to work with.

Step Two

Before I even take on a client I always ask them to tell me their story.

This is the next step in forging a connection. The more information my clients give me about who they are and what they want, the better I can serve them. When people open up about who they are, then I am able to tap into their energy and so the bond begins to form. It is vital for me as an artist to be able to connect with my client’s heart space so that I can shoot from my heart. This is where I find my inspiration.

Step Three

I educate my clients about the way that I work and what I need from them. It is important for me to set the expectations. Failed expectations = the mother of all disappointments.

Step Four

When I shoot a wedding I am totally present and 100% there for my clients. Nothing else exists to me on their day.

Step Five

I am more than a photographer on the day of the wedding, I am there to serve my clients and give them an incredible experience. This means we will fetch them water if needed, find a headache pill if needed and calm frazzled nerves if need be. Many of my clients have in fact become friends after the wedding.

Step Six

I am upfront about how long it will take for the images to be ready and my attention to detail is razor sharp from the beginning to the end of the process as I am not shooting 45 weddings a year. I am only doing a maximum of 15, which means I can give every client the attention they deserve for the price they are paying.

Step Seven

Let’s face it my work is a bit offbeat. Yes I photograph the shoes and the décor and all those details if required, but my clients generally hire me because they want something more than an album of what their wedding looked like. I’m sure that is why I don’t attract the bridezillas. My clients are cut from the same cloth as me. We’re slightly offbeat and we love beautiful, bright images filled with creative soul. We love images that move us and tug at the heartstrings. We love images that are silly, humorous and painted with quirk. When people hire me because of me – I know that it’s going to be a special working relationship!

Check out my Facebook live where I talk about this topic.

Thanks to all the wonderful couples who have graced my lens. I am so incredibly grateful to you all!

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