Painting the apple red!

“You can paint an apple red but that doesn’t mean it will taste sweet!”

I went to a public speaking mini workshop last night here in Ubud, Bali and this was one of the lines the instructor used to explain the difference between using speechmaking techniques as opposed to speaking from the heart whilst using the techniques. Kind of like the difference between performing for the sake of it (gimmicky and shallow) and being authentic and driven from a place of true purpose (authentic and with depth)

I thought that this was a great way to explain the difference between being a photographer who uses the latest editing fads or flash techniques and one who uses the various tools at our disposal with purpose and intent.

When you understand why you are shooting and you shoot from the heart your work will start having :

  • More soul.
  • More meaning.
  • More authenticity.
  • More impact.
  • More purpose



In order to this you need to understand yourself and your reasons for being a photographer.

  • You need to understand what drives you as a creative and what you are visually attracted to and inspired by, as opposed to using techniques because they are the latest fad.
  • You need to understand your subject and the space that you are creating from.
  • You need to tap into your inner story-teller.
  • You need to shoot in the moment and from the heart as opposed to just applying tricks brought in from your mind.


If you want to create work with heart, depth and meaning you have go to go deeper than painting the apple red for the sake of it.


There are many workshops where you can learn how to take pictures but I want to teach you why you take pictures. I want to put the heart back into your art but also give you the technical side so you have a great library from which to draw from when you go out to make photos.


Here are a few things that can help you.

  • Ask your clients about who they are. Make pictures about them instead of just making pictures for the sake of it. This is where your visual stories will come from.
  • Think about the space where you are shooting. What does it feel like?? Make pictures about that.
  • Think about the story of the day – make pictures about that.
  • Spend a lot of time looking at imagery and try and understand why you like certain images
  • Buy a book and start journaling.
  • Write down all your thoughts and ideas down regarding your work
  • Spend time writing down why you are a photographer and then be that photographer
  • Write down your goals as a photographer. Dream big.
  • Find the clients who inspire you by only putting out the work that you want to make
  • Go to art galleries and book shops to inspire yourself so that you have a wealth of visual stimulation to draw from
  • Don’t make pictures for the sake of it shoot from you heart.


Get in touch if you would like to go deeper and find your artists heart!


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