Do you ask the bride and groom to set aside a certain amount of time on their wedding day for a creative shoot?


Yes, yes, yes! I am not really a routine or schedule person in my personal life but when it comes to weddings it is really important to plan a schedule so that everyone knows what, where and when. This really prevents a lot of stress. Obviously there are times where things run late and the schedule doesn’t get adhered to, and as a photographer one must just adapt.

I always ask my clients before the wedding date what is important to them i.e. creative portraits, documentary pics or both? If they really love creative portraiture then I explain to them that this takes time and that they cannot expect miracles in 15 minutes of bad light.  If people want great portraits they need to invest some time into the process. We always have a look at what time the sun sets and then work the schedule backwards from there.

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