How did you get that Holi shot of Tash and Neil without damaging your camera?

Hey Jax, Great pics of Tash and Neil’s wedding. I just wanted to ask how you managed to get that pic of them being pelted with Holi powder without damaging your camera. Hope you don’t mind me being nosey. Lara

Hi Lara

Believe it or not I used a water housing! Tash had warned me before the big day that as they left the reception there would be a Holi throwing fest and it was important to her to get a great shot of this so I took along my Outex! Holi powder is incredibly fine and I am sure my camera would have been trashed without it! The Outex system is great as not only does it allow one to take your gear underwater it is a brilliant protective cover! I honestly didn’t think I would be using it at actual weddings when I first got it but there you go!!!! Thanks to Liz my assistant for the funny pic of me!

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