Self Care Creativity Challenge

Self-care conjures up images of spas, bubble baths and candles! It can be seen as somewhat indulgent but self-care is actually one of the most important habits to nurture, because when our chips are down we can serve no one! If you don’t prioritize your physical, emotional and mental well being who will?

There are some people who are masters at self care and disciplined with a capital D but for most of us we’re on a yoyo. One minute we are looking after ourselves, and the next we are falling off the yoga mat and eating all the cake. That’s me anyway!

It’s soooooo easy to get out of the habit of making healthy lifestyle choices that will serve our long-term energy levels, especially when we are already frazzled. I know that when I am sad or stressed it feels so much easier to go for short term fixes and instant gratification as opposed to going for that run. Our brain tends to choose what is easy, safe and requires the least energy. It loves to trick us into staying on the couch!

As photographers it is vital that we are physically fit and well as we are literally using our bodies to make a living! We also want to be mentally and emotionally healthy as well because we are dealing with people all the time, and running a business is stressful!!!
Most of us tend to prioritize getting the work done instead of making sure we can keep doing the work at optimum power. This doesn’t help our energy levels in the long term and if we keep abusing our bodies burn out is a serious risk. Trust me, I’ve been there and it takes a very long time to bounce back!

We need to keep filling that creative cup to stay inspired but when the editing pile is sky high this is often neglected. The result of not actively doing things to inspire is that we can start repetitively making the same old boring stuff!

I’ve had a crazy year and I’m feeling shattered. I want to be on tip top form for December season and I definitely want to end this year off on a high note so I’m doing this challenge to up my energy levels and fill my creative cup. I am inviting you to join me because I love to help people and quite frankly you will be holding me accountable!

What will this challenge involve?

On Thursday the 31st of October at 11am, I will be telling you about what I pledge to do for the month of November during a Facebook live on my Jacki Bruniquel Coaching Page. 

If you join me I will send you some PDF’s with exercises that are designed to help you work out a self care routine that suits you, plus ways in which to boost your creativity.

For the month of November I will be going live once a week. All you need to do is  click here, to fill in the Opt In page with your email address, so that I can send you the PDFS and remind you when I will be going live.

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