Unstuck Yourself Creative Photography Workshop at The Parks 2018

What happens when you connect a bunch of creative female photographers on a mission to learn and grow?

Deep conversations
A lot of laughs
Much fun
Some silliness
A lot of questions
Expansion and transformation!

Around about a year ago I hosted my fifth Unstuck Yourself Creative Photography one day workshop in Joburg at The Parks Natural Light Studio.

We got deep that day and immersed ourselves in a programme that is just not your typical wedding or portrait photography workshop! The Unstuck Yourself Workshop is not one of those workshops where there is a styled shoot with a model and a table of flowers to photograph. Nope it is so much more than that!

We look at

  • Mindset and how practicing mindfulness can enhance your photography and your life
  • The importance of creating your own visual language and how to do so
  • Skills that will have you thinking out of the box
  • Problem solving techniques that will help you transform tricky shooting circumstances into creative possibilities
  • Simple ways of getting your flash off camera and playing with strobe and constant lighting
  • How to take your images from drab to fab
  • How to find the clients that you love
  • How to create a brand that is totally you
  • How to stay inspired and creative
  • How to see the light and make the light
  • We get in touch with your why but I also show you my how!

I give you loads of practical demonstrations and teach you many photographic techniques but this isn’t a workshop where I just teach you how to use a technique I will teach you why!

The day started with coffee and chats. It was a chilly winter’s day that day and so there was much tea drinking throughout the day. We began with an informal presentation in the “movie house” where I shared my story and how I have got to where I am as a photographer. I shared the secrets behind my triumphs but also shared my mistakes so that you can avoid making the same! Later we went out into the mid-day sun and this is where I began to teach how to light using reflectors and off camera flash.

We had an absolutely delicious vegetarian lunch made by Chef Venessa Marx, which was followed by more talks and then even more demonstrations of photo techniques.

The evening ended with a cheese and wine and a chin wag around the table and so there was loads of time for sharing and Q&A!

Here’s what some of the ladies who attended had to say.

“This workshop has motivated me to push myself to try think outside the box for every shoot, no matter what” Tammy Holiday

“Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop and giving so much of yourself! I have found it very inspiring and taken so much out of it!“- Melanie Nel

“I really enjoyed this workshop and have put my prices up since attending. I am now fully booked for the next 4 month. I found my focus and my self worth which has also meant attracting the right clients.”– Merissa Venter

“Thank you so much for an awesome workshop Jax. The authenticity and timelessness of your work has always struck me, I can feel that your work is strongly informed by your clients, you don’t just shoot to a ‘shot list’ or follow what is trendy. I felt like the same was true for your workshop, you didn’t just follow a script… You moulded the day to what we needed and felt was important. You made me feel like an artist again.. And reminded me that everything informs and influences what we do as photographers. I loved your honesty in showing us your ‘bad dutch tilt’.. Made me feel like there was hope for us all!”– Lisa Skinner

“When you go on a workshop like this you are investing in yourself which is ultimately worth more than investing in gear! The Unstuck Yourself workshop was an intense but amazing day which has given me lots to think about and try out. Being able to see a talented professional’s workflow and thought process, in person is priceless.

I do a lot of online learning but the benefit of an in person workshop with personal interaction and discussion is so vital to your own growth. I loved networking with other photographers and I also enjoyed seeing the “live demonstrations” Seeing and hearing from other photographers (usually experiencing the same feelings & frustrations) is an inspiration and motivation.

I would definitely recommend this workshop.” – Anne Nieuwenhuizen

” This is the best workshop I have ever been to!”– Jean Dohse

“I had reached the point in my craft when it used to energise me it sapped my energy and depleted me. I had lost my love of creating.
Jax’s workshop helped me unpack my creativity and find new, seemingly simple ways to get creative and in the same way re-inventing myself and my craft.
It reignited my passion for creating beautiful imagery and carving a niche in my business. This is not just another photography workshop. This is a fantastic investment in your personal growth to set you apart in a saturated industry. “- Sinead Brook

“Thank you for the workshop you did for us last year, it forever changed my life and thought process. What I loved was how the process of the workshop focused on doing things in a new way. I loved the mindfulness exercises and I loved the way you taught us how to see – this has greatly inspired how I shoot. The very location of your workshop was a challenge but I loved it because it taught us how to win in difficult lighting situations. The environment on the day was amazing, truly reflecting your energy. Thank you for creating a bootcamp for creatives that continues to develop them even years after they have attended and for creating a community that we can go back to when looking for assistance.”– Nockwaka Sinxadi

I’m going to be doing two more Unstuck Yourself Creative Photography Workshops in 2019. One will happen in Joburg and one in Durban this June. I am toying with the idea of taking a year out to live abroad next year. So if you want to work with me, make 2019 your year as I am unsure whether I will be hosting these workshops in South Africa again, but that is another story all together!

These upcoming workshops will be slightly different to previous ones, as this time I will be doing them over two full days and not just one!! After doing some market research with all my previous attendees I realised that one day is just not long enough to really get through everything I share! I really want all attendees to be able to implement all the techniques once we finish the workshop. and so you will be practicing with me as your in person guide. We will also be doing some creativity exercises and journaling over the two days.

And then!! Just to make sure that you are on track I am going to be doing two zoom calls after the workshop so we can discuss the worksheets I give you to kickstart your creativity and get you thinking!

So if you book now you will get:

  • 2 full days of tuition, demonstrations and fun!
  • 2 lunches and teas
  • Late afternoon soup to warm up
  • 1 cheese and wine evening
  • Access to an online portal with all worksheets and other info
  • 2 group zoom calls after the workshop
  • Access to a facebook group where you can ask questions


If you book with a friend you will both get R3500 off the overall price.

Click here to find out more about the special

And click here to find out all the details


Credits to:

Venue: The Parks Natural Light Studio

Catering: Chef Vanessa Marx  

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