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Unstuck Yourself Creative Photography workshop in Durban

If you are a photographer who has been itching to attend my Unstuck Yourself workshop but haven’t been able to get in I’ve got good news for you I am coming to Jozi in June! Yip here are the dates.



If you would like to attend or be put onto a waiting list drop me a mail on


Today I will also tell you about the workshops that happened here in Durban at my home this summer. We had 17 wonderful souls attend on two separate days. Some had been in business for years, some had just started out, some had flown in especially for the workshop and some lived down the road. We had people from Nambia, Zambia, the UK and Salt Rock. One thing they all had in common is that they found themselves nodding to the following questions and they came to the workshop for a creative reboot.

If you find yourself relating to what I am about to ask you then this workshop is designed especially for you too!

Are you

  • feeling like you are stuck in a rut when it comes to your photography?
  • struggling with the immensity of maintaining creativity whilst running your own business?
  • terrified of putting your prices up, meaning that you are taking on so much work that you don’t have a moment for yourself or your family?
  •  fearful of shooting in tricky lighting situations and messy rooms?
  • feeling burnt out and uninspired?

Do you

  • feel afraid to push your own boundaries and try new things?
  •  find yourself blindly following trends for the sake of it?
  • find that your flash gives you anxiety? 
  • feel like your work sucks and that this is causing you to feel inadequate?

My aim with this workshop is to help you move past any fear based mindsets you have surrounding your work and give you confidence to turn tricky situations into creative possibilities. I want to help you speak with your own visual language and create images that you are proud of so that you can put your prices up and have more balance in your life! I want to inspire you to have fun with photography – just like when you first started out. Your camera can’t kill you so why then all the anxiety? The aim of this workshop is to move you out of a place of stuckness and into a place of self expression and confidence!  This is not a workshop where you will be shooting pretty models or learning how to be someone else!

I know what it is like to feel totally burnt out and uninspired but with my Fine Art background, introspection and lots of reading I manage to push through the dark patches! I want to help you to do the same! So far I have done workshops in Jozi, Cape Town and Durban and I love seeing my past attendees thriving.

Here’s what Angie had to say about her experience

  I thoroughly enjoyed the Unstuck Yourself Workshop with Jacki! Jax shares an abundance of knowledge that’s been poured from her heart. Not only did I leave with practical tips and tricks for dealing with difficult shooting environments, but found what makes my soul sing and why I love shooting. The workshop has given me the confidence to experiment and play with my flash, as opposed to being afraid of it! The Unstuck Yourself Workshop has given me a fresh perspective to creative shooting and I can’t wait to play again! 

 (This photo of Ang was taken by me on the day by the way. She was warned to bring an extra set of clothes – also we have no drought here in Durbs at the mo!)

But back onto the Durban workshop. As mentioned I held this workshop at my home in Ballito as I wanted to teach in a casual, creative space where folk can kick their shoes off and feel like they are at home.

I should back track though and mention that our work together actually starts 4 weeks before the Unstuck Yourself workshop even happens when attendees are given weekly exercises designed to kickstart the creative process.  These are the beginning of our journey together and ensure that everyone enters the right mindset before the big day even starts.

When the big day for the Durban workshop eventually came around we started off with lectures in the lounge where I told my story and shared advice on everything from finding your own language to the importance of educating your clients.

When the sun was high in the sky we went outside to work with lighting techniques to get rid of what I call “racoon eye”. I don’t use professional models for demonstrations – Nope I take pics of everyone who attends! This isn’t that kind of workshop!

As you can see Milo is a gorgeous girl that’s for sure but no one looks great under the unflattering noon sun. Here’s a before and after problem solving lighting technique pic that doesn’t involve expensive strobes.

And here’s what Milo had to say about the workshop

Your workshop was amazing, Jax. I left feeling like I had new life breathed into me, not only in my photography journey but in my personal life too, and with a greater knowledge of who I am as a photographer, what I want to photograph and with the tools to create truly amazing ‘out of the box’ photos.

Here’s another example this time with the gorgeous Des.

Here’s what Des had to say about her experience

 I needed a workshop that gave me a reason to shoot as I was in a slump. I needed something that would give me a creative reboot. The workshop gave me some perspective. It was kind of the light at the end of my dark tunnel. I know I need to work seriously hard but I feel like I have a reason to now.

After our first practical shooting session we hit the lunch table which was beautifully decorated by the uber talented Carolyn from Adore Weddings and Events. Thanks Ca you are a ray of sunshine in my life!!!

The food which was made by Carissa from Bleu Berri Catering was delicious, nurturing and vegetarian! I wish she could cook for me every single day!!!

Huge thanks also to Kendal from the House of Hudson for providing the tables and chairs. My balcony feels very bare without them now and I miss them – A lot of learning and sharing happened over that lunch table!

After lunch we went into more lectures which cover everything from how to unboring your pics to how to deal with creative anxiety. We also had time for questions of which there were many!!!

The afternoon/evening involves practical shooting time where I show attendees various techniques to problem solve tricky shooting and lighting situations.

Here’s a few examples of shots I took of attendees and a few words about their experience

Talitha Ullrich

I took this photo to teach people not to be scared of of a bit of rain!

I had a very special day at the Unstuck Yourself Workshop and I personally feel that this workshop goes beyond photography

 Jacki’s humbleness and kindness was so prevalant throughout the day and her ability to share and teach others is a special gift and something not many share

Lisa Woest

Shot in a boring white room in tricky light to show you that you don’t need to shoot in fancy venus to create something interesting

 Everything about the workshop was beneficial and the cost was worth it 🙂 A great investment to my own business. 

Leah Van Zyl

 Shot in a boring white room to take the fear out of boring

 I loved every second of your lovely workshop, I feel so inspired, thank you. 

Elizabeth Donnell (also my long term assistant who has just gone out on her own)

Image taken in a boring white room to demonstrate the idea of using flash to make shadows.

Jacki is a brilliant teacher, not only due to her wealth of experience but her humble, honest nature allows her to completely open up about her flaws, failings and mistakes in a way that many others egos wouldn’t allow. She has taught me to take mistakes as lessons, unforeseen chaos as opportunities and ways to navigate through the photography world, clients and life. I have learnt that photography can be a business but most importantly it is a way of playfully capture the best moments of life that will tangibly represent our fondest memories.

I have been incredibly privileged to have such a remarkable human open up to me and teach me everything she knows without reservation and I have grown in ways I never dreamed I could under her watchful eye and persistent nudging.

Kim McDonald

 Shot in the mid day sun with flash to show you how easy flash can be when explained simply!

 This workshop is really helpful with creativity. Seeing what you created in those situations was amazing.

 I loved the homework and the fact that you showed us practical tips. I don’t have a lot of gear so I loved when you were using unconventional things to create your shots. 

Bailee Guy

Shot to show attendees how handy a constant light source can be when in a rushed situation. The light bulbs were just added for a bit of fun!

Loved everything minute of the workshop 
My brain is still trying to process and absorb all the invaluable informational you gave us – I am seriously amped for my next wedding in a couple of weeks time

Chantel Oosterberg

Having some fun here with constant light sources

I was feeling pretty burnt out before the workshop so it was important to be reminded that you need to take time out for yourself to get those creative juices flowing constantly.

Weddings are not always completely pretty and perfect so I loved the fact that Jacki taught us how to problem solve difficult shooting situations by using little tricks that she demonstrated to us.

I am feeling inspired after the workshop and can’t wait to start applying some of the things to my work.

Derryn Semple

 Shot at night when all the light is finished and many photographers are freaking out

 “Jacki’s workshop was like a big hug and a kick up the arse at the same time. Her barefooted, casual approach allowed us to feel completely at ease in the cozy setting of her home while she delivered some hard truths. I left feeling inspired to experiment more with the lighting equipment which was getting dusty in my cupboard, and prepared to put in the time to improve my skills. Hearing the journey Jacki has been on to get to this point and understanding that her struggles as a creative are just the same as mine, and the same as everyones, made me feel inspired and motivated. Jacki shared her knowledge openly and freely, and has equipped me with the tools and the confidence to take my business to the next level. Thank you Jacki – the hug was nice but the kick up the butt was necessary.”

 We end the evening off with more sharing and cheese and wine around the table and the great news is that if you attend my workshop you get to join my private facebook group which means that we continue to support each other along our journies.

If you would like to attend the next Jozi workshop here are the details

When: 13 June 2018

What: Full Day Unstuck Yourself workshop plus 4 weeks of homework which will be completed before the day to get you into the right mindset.

Where: Johannesburg Natural Park Lights Studio

Cost: R5000 for the One day Unstuck Yourself Workshop 13th

Times 10am – +- 8.30/ 9pm


When 14 June 2018

Where: To be confirmed

What: The group will be divided up and given challenges to overcome using lighting and problem solving techniques taught the day before. You will be photographing each other as opposed to models. We will be on hand to help and guide you throughout the day.

Times : 2pm – 7pm

Cost : R3850

If you would like to attend the Jozi workshop or be put on a waitlist drop me a mail on

Classes are limited to 12 people and sell out fast so don’t delay if you would like to book.

PS Thanks to Lizzy and Charne for the pics xx

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  1. Clive Snyman on March 26, 2018 at 11:34 am

    Hi Jacki,

    Trust you are well. I am really interested in possibly attending your workshop in JHB on the 16th of June.

    Could I get some more info on the workshop.

    Thanks so much

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