Photography Expos = Connection

You would think that the main reason for going to a photography conference or expo is to learn about new techniques or gear, but one of the most wonderful by products is that you get to CONNECT with other people in the industry.

So often photographers are working solo and stuck behind a computer editing when not shooting. Expos and conferences offer us a great opportunity to meet other photographers and suppliers. Face to face contact is so vital these days. I love meeting all the people that I “know” online and catching up with those I have already met.

Over the course of the last year I have spoken at 3 photography conferences/ expos. The first was the Fearless Photographers Conference, which happens in Europe once a year. The next was the Photo and Video Experience in Kyalami Joburg and the last the Photo Fair Africa in Durban.

Here’s what I gained at every single one







New friends



Whether you are a professional photographer or just take pics as a hobby I can thoroughly recommend that you attend the next one in your area. Watch my page to find out when my next talk will be or join my mailing list here to find out first when I will be doing my next presentation

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