World’s Best Wedding Photos: The Impeccable Portrait

Just before the crazy Coronocoaster hit the world I received a very exciting invite, but then the world went mad and I forgot to tell you all about it!

I was invited to be a part of an international wedding directory which recognises the best wedding photographers in the world. This is run by the incredible Blair DeLaubefels who started Junebug weddings. Some of my photography idols are on this list so I was blown away to be included and am at present the only South African on the directory.

They recently ran a competition titled The Impeccable Portrait and I decided to enter. I don’t actually enter many competitions besides the Fearless photographers awards when I remember. So I was very honoured when I received an email from Blair which said : “After days of deliberation your work stood out from the crowd and our iconic judges chose 3 of your attached portraits as three of the 50 Best Wedding Portraits of the Decade!”

Wow! Thanks so much to the judges and thanks to my amazing clients!

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