Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of photography do you do?

I love to photograph people. I photograph weddings, portraits and travel images.

Do you work with an assistant?

Yes I do. She is a huge help during all shoots. She helps carry equipment, set up lighting, hold reflectors, pass lenses and keep track of memory cards. She also helps me to make sure that we don’t run over time, that I don’t leave a trail of equipment behind me and that I eat regularly. (I faint if I don’t eat!) When it comes to wedding photography, my assistant also second shoots during the service and at the reception so that I don’t miss a thing. She is worth her weight in gold!

Do you and your assistant require a place to sit at the wedding reception?

Yes. After 6- 8 hours of shooting we definitely need somewhere to rest our feet whilst having a meal along with all the other guests. I prefer to be seated either in or near the main reception area so that I don’t miss out on any important moments.

Do you charge a travel fee?

I charge a travel fee based on the AA rate at the time if a wedding or portrait shoot is more than 30 km from my home in Ballito.

If my wedding is outside of the greater Durban area will you require overnight accommodation?

If your wedding finishes after dark and there is a long drive home I will require overnight accommodation with two single beds for my assistant and myself. I am usually shattered at the end of a 10 – 14 hour day and wouldn’t like to be involved in an accident on the way home due to fatigue!

Do you do destination weddings?

I love nothing better than hopping on a plane to visit somewhere that I have never been to. I am a gypsy at heart and thrive off photographing new and interesting places so Yes, Yes, Yes, I love doing destination weddings! It will however mean that the client will need to cover extra costs like flights and accommodation etc.

Who is your ideal client?

I am fascinated with people and enjoy working with people who value photography and aren’t afraid to be themselves. Everyone is different, so I like to get to know my clients beforehand if possible and get into their head-space in order to make images that are narrative and are unique to them and their story.
My artistic approach to assignments means that I don’t respond well to being handed a shot list, which is why I so enjoy shooting weddings as opposed to doing commercial work! My ideal client gives me a lot of information about themselves and then lets me do my thing.
I do have a few wedding rules though …….. I don’t do table shots at the reception and I refuse to do jumping shots or anything too cheesy!
And please don’t ask me to copy someone else’s work. Ever.
I will however give my absolute all to every job I do.

How long will I wait for my wedding pictures to be ready?

Check out this article that I wrote here …… This will explain the whole process behind getting your images ready and your album made.

My wedding photographs are really very important to me, what advice would you give to me so I can plan my day with photography in mind?

Check out this articles I wrote here.

From a Photography point of view, when is the best time to have my wedding ceremony?

If it is important for you to have some really beautiful portraits taken of you and your new spouse, the bridal party and your family then I would ideally plan your ceremony around light. The best light for photography is either really early in the morning or the last two hours before the sun goes down. It is a good idea to look at the time the sun sets on the day and work backwards from there. Remember to factor in the time it will take for guest to throw confetti all over you and give you a hug, the all important family portraits and then the “creative shoot”. Most photographers will need at least an hour for a creative shoot.

What are photographers talking about when they refer to a creative shoot?

This is a term given to the time that a photographer will spend with a couple and their bridal party after the actual wedding ceremony to take those amazing portraits. Depending on the wedding package a couple takes, I prefer to take as many photos of the bride with her bridesmaids and the groom with all the groomsmen before the ceremony. I will then do a few portraits with the whole bridal party (ie bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen) immediately after the ceremony and then send them all back to the reception so it’s just the bride, the groom, myself and my assistant. No one likes an audience when being photographed!
Of necessity these images are pretty much always directed by the photographer in some way. Even if you are after “un-posed pics”, a photographer will still have to direct you on where to stand, how to stand and perhaps what to do during the creative shoot. Very few people are natural models and know how to perform in front of a camera, and this is where a good photographer will come in. They will be able to get the best out of you at this point to produce portraits that reflect who you are!

What exactly does photo journalism/documentary photography mean?

I would say that my style of photography is a mixture of photo journalism/documentary photography and creative portraiture. These are two very different things.
I love taking beautiful portraits of clients before the ceremony and then after the ceremony during the creative shoot, but I also thrive off taking documentary images.
In my opinion true unposed documentary images are those that are totally unscripted and that happen during the “real” part of the day. They are the images that happen when the photographer is a “fly on the wall” capturing all the moments of the day without having any control over the situation. They are the moments that happen when your Mom starts crying when she first sees you in your wedding gear, the look on your partner’s face when they first see you at the church, the flower girls falling asleep at the table during the reception and your best friend pulling moves on the dance floor. A good documentary wedding photographer will be there to unobtrusively capture all those special moments!

What camera do you shoot with?

I am a Nikon girl and have spent years building up my equipment which is all top of the range. Check out this post here to see my gear.

How long have you been shooting weddings and what are your qualifications and experience?

Check out the About Me section here

Do your wedding packages include an album?

Yes. I really believe that producing a wedding album is as important as capturing the wedding pics. A wedding album could be considered a family heirloom, something to be treasured and passed down through generations. Digital images are too easily lost these days and technology is changing so fast that you really need to keep up with the times when it comes to backing up your images. A book is alot easier to keep safe. Lastly, viewing an image on an IPAD screen just cannot compete with a beautifully printed book.

Click here to see my albums.