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Photographer Testimonials

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Charlene Schreuder

I left with a re-ignited fire, thank you Jacki! I highly would recommend this workshop.”

Unstuck Yourself creative photography workshop

Judith Belle

With a title like Unstuck Yourself I’m sure that it resonates with so many creatives – and that is exactly what your workshop did. The conversations and practical’s made my head spin and my brain buzz… in the good way!

I feel like I want to be better, I want to see the light, I want to work a scene and I want to be mindful of what I create and put out to the world. And in no way do I want to copy or be like anyone else, I want to do all these things but with my own voice. I love people who see the light, and you Jacki, you’re a master at seeing light and it was a privilege to learn from you.

Creative portrait of photographer with lume cube

Sinead Brook Fitzsimons

Thanks again for the most fabulous day of learning. It was the bomb. You're a really brilliant teacher and spoke to my soul. I look forward to the Unstuck Yourself Mentorship series!

Portrait of a photographer in the rain with an umbrella

Talitha Ullrich

I had a very special day at the Unstuck Yourself Workshop and I personally feel that this workshop goes beyond photography

Jacki’s humbleness and kindness were so prevalent throughout the day and her ability to share and teach others is a special gift and something not many share

Creative Photography workshop by top South African Wedding Photographer - Unstuck Yourself

Bailee Guy

Loved everything minute of the workshop My brain is still trying to process and absorb all the invaluable informational you gave us – I am seriously amped for my next wedding in a couple of weeks time


Laura Jane

Phenomenal and beyond inspiring, I left with so many new and creative ideas, my brain is actually struggling to process it all. She is also one of the nicest and kindest people you’ll ever meet.

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