Dylan McGarry

Jacki doesnt ‘take pictures’ – she has a conversation with the most immediate and fully realised part of you – she unearths something that we can’t see in oursleves. Her mediums are light, conversation, and empathy – and somehow she captures the intimacy between people – and the intimate within ourselves.  

This portrait is of my 93year old grandmother (gogo) and I. Gogo is notorious for hiding from a camera, there are a few rare images in our family albums where she is not hiding behind her hands. Gogo is my best friend, my greatest teacher, and such an inspiring woman – who has held together a family on her own after her mother, father and husband died tragically in one year. She raised my mother and her sister and two brothers on her own – she never remarried – she never went on another date. She dedicated her life to us.
When I eventually convinced Gogo to have her portrait taken with Jacki, in the late afternoon light, as the shoot was almost over Gogo asked: “so when you taking the pictures?”  Jacki responded: “Gogo we are done” – Gogo didn’t even notice Jacki taking them – they were so deep in conversation and in a playful exchange, we all lost track of the shoot. Jacki is deeply empathetic, and very observant, she notices everything, and has this grace and gently capacity to stay closely attuned to what you are saying, and what is not being said. She sculpts these invisible materials into her photographs and into her portraits.
Grandson with his 90 year old Gran