Guy Buttery

Having worked with many photographers around the world, Jacki Bruniquel is quite unlike anyone I’ve met wielding a camera. She has an unbelievable ability to ease whoever she is pointing a lense at. This is not something she has strived for but something which comes incredibly naturally to her. Her enthusiasm for each project and the overall joy in her work is tangible and makes each time more memorable than the last. Not only does she approach each shoot with more vigour than your local barista, she can literally turn a blank canvas into an incredible ornate and detailed artwork. Jacki is quite simply a world class artist of epic proportions!

Many of the works Jacki has created for me have been used on billboards and posters around the globe. They have been placed in successful proposals and adverts as well as flyers and posters from New York to New Zealand. They are always met with the same response, “Who took those incredible photographs”

Creative portrait shoot- Guy Buttery photographed by top South African wedding and portrait photographer, Jacki Bruniquel in KZN indigenous forest.