Marelize McLaughlan

Jacki is an artist, she sees beauty that others simply do not see.

I am a forty something stay at home mom and wanted a photoshoot for myself of myself. For this I thought, I needed someone open minded and patient. But I found more than that in Jacki’s work – every photo she took was breathtaking. Not only did she make me feel comfortable in my own skin, but she managed in a special way to catch the very essence of me.

Shortly after, we did a family shoot with Jacki, which I thought would be challenging given the very strong and different personalities involved between my husband, 10 year old twins and I. But once again the result exceeded every expectation! She managed to create beautiful & fascinating images of us all. From beach, to forest and even an abandoned building became a beautiful backdrop for our unique shoot.

Portrait of a mom by top South African photographer Jacki Bruniquel