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If you're shooting the same as everyone else you'll always be competing on price

There's only one you and that's your magic! I want to help you find your inner sparkle also known as your creative voice or your own way of expressing how you experience of the world. 

Being a Creative can be hard! One minute you're on a high because you're totally inspired and you've booked a dream assignment, and the next you're beating yourself up because you feel like you're the worst photographer in the world and you don't know when your next job will be coming in.

It's so easy to fall into the trap of making safe photos when you're in this space and feeling uncreative and scared to put yourself out there. If you're totally stuck it's also likely you're taking on too much work or not making enough to make ends meet because you're too nervous about increasing your prices. Chances are that you're not finding the clients that resonate with you either. Or maybe you're just starting out and you have no idea where to begin so you're just shooting the same as everyone else. Sometimes being a photographer can feel like being on a roller coaster and I'm here to help.

If you want to Unstuck Yourself and need a total reboot and a massive bout of inspiration along with a big bag of practical tools that will help you take your images from average to extraordinary and improve your business and life, then get in touch and sign up to my mailing list for my next workshop or offer.

Sinead Brook Fitzsimons

Thanks again for the most fabulous day of learning. It was the bomb. You’re a really brilliant teacher and spoke to my soul. I look forward to the Unstuck Yourself Mentorship series!

Talitha Ullrich

I had a very special day at the Unstuck Yourself Workshop and I personally feel that this workshop goes beyond photography Jacki’s humbleness and kindness were so prevalent throughout the day and her ability to share and teach others is a special gift and something not many share

Thabang Radebe

The workshop and all it entailed helped me find the reset button. It opens up your mind and gives you lots of practical tips. I used to be scared of my flash. Not anymore.

Melanie Nel

Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop and giving so much of yourself! I have found it very inspiring and have taken so much out of it!

Angie Dippenaar

I thoroughly enjoyed the Unstuck Yourself Workshop with Jacki! Jax shares an abundance of knowledge that’s been poured from her heart. Not only did I leave with practical tips and tricks for dealing with difficult shooting environments, but found what makes my soul sing and why I love shooting. The workshop has given me the…

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If you want to drastically improve your images, put your prices up and run your business more effectively so that you can have more time to have a life outside of work then I can help.


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